Bar owners push for relief from Port Allen City Council

Bar owners push for relief from Port Allen City Council

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A push to wave fees for bar owners in Port Allen impacted by the Governor’s COVID-19 restrictions, was tabled until February, at their January 13 city council meeting.

Some bar owners say they need some help paying for things like liquor license fees and utilities.

The folks who run ‘Jack’s Place’ in Port Allen were forced to shut down for most of 2020.

And they say they need some assistance in order to keep the doors open, once restrictions ease across the state.

“We’re kind of working on our retirement, and this is money that we have to spend from that rather than our businesses. So hopefully we get things back to normal pretty soon, we don’t know. We’re still in a lockdown for maybe another month or two,” said Jerry Saia, owner of ‘Jack’s Place.’

The council did a 3% raise across the board for all full-time city employees, beginning with the next pay period.

As long as the city council approves the city’s budget at their next meeting.

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