Crawfish season starting early for some restaurants in south Louisiana

Updated: Jan. 8, 2021 at 10:17 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - How about some crawfish for a cold weekend in South Louisiana?

Because of the high demand, some places are already boiling, just one week after New Year’s.

And local restaurant workers are hopeful that this is a sign that we’re getting back to some sense of normalcy.

A quick rinse, then the sorting begins, into a big pot, stir that right up, then these babies are dumped into coolers.

Due to high demand we’ve gotten a jump start on it [crawfish season],” said Eric Geloneck, General Manager at Sammy’s.

The folks at Sammy’s Grill on Highland Road said their phones have been ringing off the hook for the Louisiana staple.

“Everybody’s waiting for crawfish season. I don’t know if it’s COVID related, and people are stuck at home. But everybody’s ready to get out, ready to enjoy a nice tray of crawfish and a nice cold beer,” said Geloneck.

The restaurant industry across the state has been tremendously impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, so this special Louisiana season could not come at a better time.

“As the rules change and as the governor issues new bylaws and kind of changes the rules of the game, we have to adjust and pivot accordingly,” said Geloneck.

And Sammy’s isn’t the only place you’ll find crawfish in the area. Willie’s on Coursey Blvd has juicy crawfish as well.

“We normally start around Black Friday, then they told us they were going to get us in a little early, so we were really excited,” said John Coffill, a bartender at Willie’s.

The crawfish are a decent size for now, and the prices should go down in the coming months. However, the return of crawfish, just feels good for the staff at restaurants.

“You can definitely still feel the pandemic, like tables are restricted and we can’t have as many big parties. But it definitely feels like we’re back to just how we were, and it’s really nice,” said Coffill.

But demand is high, and right now supply is limited. So make sure you get them, while they’re hot.

The season peaks in the spring, when size and supply mean good prices and lots of boils.

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