Louisiana Veterans Association hopeful about coronavirus vaccine

Louisiana Veterans Association hopeful about coronavirus vaccine

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The Veteran’s Affairs Healthcare System in Louisiana expects to continue to receive more vaccination allotments from the federal government over the coming weeks.

Currently, the VA facility in New Orleans is vaccinating veterans who are 75 years and older, or who have serious underlying health issues as determined by the VA at this time. They’ve vaccinated nearly 500 residents and staff so far.

“If they’re not eligible or if they are in the next group that will be vaccinated. they will be able to be put on a list and then so on and so forth as those categories that the vets would fall into by age come available. They will be able to get those vaccinations,” said Brandee Patrick who works for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

As of right now, the vaccinations are being administered at the VA hospital in New Orleans. If you want a vaccine, you can call the VA, and they will either schedule you for a shot if you are currently eligible. If you’re not in groups 1A or 1B they will put your name on a list and notify you when your priority group is being vaccinated.

“We’ve also been told that in the coming weeks, vaccinations will be distributed to clinics such as the one on Essen lane and the office in Hammond. So certainly, those veterans can reach out to the VA MC’s,” said Patrick.

VA officials are hoping to vaccinate as many of the 47,000 veterans they serve in southeast Louisiana as soon as possible over the next few months. The call center is receiving over 500 calls a day, and they ask that you please be patient and understanding when you try to reach them. It’s important to note that veterans who live in the community and do not live at one of VA’s long-term care facilities will not be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the vaccination clinics at the state-run veteran homes at this time.

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