Baton Rouge residents express frustrations with COVID-19 vaccine

Baton Rouge residents express frustrations with coronavirus vaccine

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - “Good gracious I had over 2,000 calls yesterday and over 1,500 calls today. So, I have lots of people I cannot help”, said John Dry a pharmacist with Dry’s Health Mart Pharmacy.

Many pharmacies are experiencing a shortage of supply to meet the high demand for seniors over the age of 70 trying to get vaccinated. And many have stopped taking names for their waiting lists.

“I stopped taking names at around 600 names. the reason there is because I felt a little disingenuous going over that because I couldn’t really promise these people a vaccination”, said Dry.

But luckily John was able to get a big surprise at work today.

“A big thing happened today, big thing, I had a local health clinic call me and they had 600 doses ready to roll”, said Dry.

Those doses helped john to get more vaccinations done today than he and his staff had anticipated.

“It was a local health clinic and the lady called and said I saw where you’re out of doses, or what you have is allocated, but I’m sitting on 600 doses. Well, I told her buckle down here they come”, said Dry.

“So, my mom’s name is Shelly Strobel and I have been trying to get her set up for a vaccination. We have been completely hunkered down in the house since she got out of the hospital in March”, said Mimi Haggan.

People like Mimi Haggan have been trying like crazy to get appointments made for their parents. Add in the fact that some pharmacies want people to sign up online and that complicates things. Especially for people over 70. Many of the folks in that age group don’t own a computer much less know how to navigate one. Mimi also worries about smaller pharmacies.

“It seems to me like they rolled the vaccines out to little mom and pop pharmacy’s, who are great, but don’t have the staff to handle the number of calls that they’re getting and setting up these appointments and back-up lists and things like that”, said Haggan.

John encourages those who are on the verge of giving up on scheduling their appointments to remain calm and know that healthcare workers are doing the best that they can with the resources they have.

“Dont give up, dont get discouraged, watch the news, watch the news conferences, pay attention to who they’re releasing the medications to because you’ll be able to get a dose fairly soon, that’s what I’ve been telling them”, said Dry.

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