Baton Rouge gyms hope to draw in more customers in new year

Baton Rouge gyms hope to draw in more customers in new year

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Gyms took a huge hit during the pandemic, but some of them are using this new year to hopefully draw more customers in.

The Neighborhood Barre Baton Rouge opened up in June of 2020, so like many other businesses they were trying to navigate pandemic and keep their customers safe.

So far, they are keeping class sizes as small as possible with eight people max in a class. Everyone is required to spread out and clean off their equipment when they are finished.

Like many studios, the barre studio is offering virtual classes if folks want to stay at home to work out. They also do outdoor classes in downtown Baton Rouge.

Entering the new year, they are already starting to see more people want to join their classes, and they plan to add more classes during the week so that way everyone gets a chance to work out and better themselves.

“We had fairly a big increase in gym memberships this week in particular. We’ve had a lot of people sign up for the next two weeks in classes,” said Jessie Gerace, owner of Neighborhood Barre Baton Rouge. “So, we are really encouraged by that to see everybody come in and get excited, you know, maybe they just needed the new year to get them started.”

Like most fitness studios, they are requiring their clients to sign up before class so instructors can keep a head count of how many people are attending each class.

Gyms and fitness studios are already starting to see an increase in memberships as they do every year when this time rolls around, some are making huge adjustments to not only keep clients safe, but to also keep them coming. It’s a new year and everybody is looking for a way to get rid of stress, gyms are hoping to hone in on this for the new year.

For Liz Jenkins, she’s ready to sweat it all out.

“2020 has been so stressful for everybody, I think that this is a great way to relieve stress and to get yourself mentally prepared for the day,” says Jenkins.

One fitness studio committed to keeping their doors open in 2021 is Neighborhood Barre Baton Rouge. Even though they opened just six months ago, they’re eager to welcome new clients to their classes.

Neighborhood Barre Baton Rouge wants to help their clients knock out their new year’s goals, even if that means balancing health and safety in a pandemic. One way they’re doing that is by keeping classes down to just eight people.

“We are hoping to add more classes so people can feel comfortable coming in with a smaller class size. I think the smaller class size always makes people feel like they have a little bit more of their own space and their own room to really feel like they can work out, but not be on top of each other and feel really safe here,” Amy LeJeune, who is one of the instructors at Neighborhood Barre Baton Rouge.

The barre studio also offers outside classes and virtual classes.

“So, we are really trying to give everybody an option if you don’t want to come into the studio, we understand. We support you in that, but we want you to be able to work out live stream and come out and see us,” says Gerace.

Everyone has had to lift a little extra weight this year, but hopefully whether one is working out to de-stress or improve their endurance, pushing through the pain will make the world strong and ready for 2021.

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