Gov. John Bel Edwards gives the newest update on vaccine rollout, moving into the next tier

Gov. John Bel Edwards gives the newest update on vaccine rollout, moving into the next tier

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Starting Monday, Jan. 4, more vaccine shipments will enter Louisiana and the next tier of people will start to be vaccinated.

Some may need to schedule appointments if they want to get vaccinated.

As Louisiana enters the 3rd week of vaccination distribution, the governor is asking everyone to be as patient as possible.

“This has always been the case in vaccination efforts that they never happen as fast as you might want, I mean I think we can all agree that if we could have everybody in Louisiana vaccinated today, that’s what we would want,” says Edwards.

More vaccines are on the way to take care of the next group of people in line for the shot. That includes medical and dental personnel, emergency responders, nursing home residents and staff, and people who are 70 and older. However, in order to get the vaccine, people will have to make an appointment.

COVID-19 Vaccine Priority Groups
COVID-19 Vaccine Priority Groups (Source: Office of the Louisiana Governor)

“One of the reasons why we are requiring an appointment is because we’ve seen elsewhere that people are showing up and waiting 8, 10 or more. Many times outside in poor weather conditions, and some of them don’t ultimately get the vaccine,” Edwards adds.

Appointments will help pharmacies keep track of how many doses they are using a day. The governor says it will still take a while before the majority of folks are vaccinated, but if people continue to practice social distancing and wear a mask it can help everyone.

“The most effective tool that we have today is to save, preserve hospital capacity is this mask. And the reason is the vaccine is not available to everybody today, but this mask is and this mask works,” says Edwards.

On Monday, Louisiana Department of Health will post a list of pharmacies and their numbers for people to call and make their appointments.

As of right now, the state will continue to get shipments of both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine each week, it may take a while before they completely finish the first two tiers before they can move on to the next group.

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