Security camera capture adults, young people stealing decorations, packages

Security camera capture adults, young people stealing decorations, packages
Officers say some people are stealing decorations and packages from porches as the holidays approach.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -Tis the season to spread some cheer, but Metairie resident John Steger says he woke up one morning to see one of his favorite Christmas lawn decorations gone.

“I’ve had the Tardis out now for many years, it’s a big blue lighted police box decorated for Christmas,” said Steger.

Reviewing the footage, what he describes as a Honda Pilot pulls up in front of his house in the middle of the night, takes a toy on the sidewalk, and then hurriedly swipes the decoration as well, stuffing the items back in the car.

“To me that’s pretty malicious; it’s a real bummer we spend a lot of time trying to put on on a good show here so it’s a real bummer… especially right now with the pandemic we could all use a little bit of cheer,” said Steger.

A woman who lives off veterans says she was infuriated when she was called back from work to figure out who had stolen a Christmas gift delivered to her front porch.

Yet again, security cameras caught four young people biking in the area, and this young man running right up to her porch.

“They look like they’re about 13, I mean I was furious I kept thinking, does the mother not know what they’re doing when they come home with the stuff,” she said.

What’s more, she says they do everything in their power to prevent this from happening.

“It was delivered and within an hour they caught it and took it… we try to change up all our deliveries to my office or to know when he’s here because he works from home,” she said.

Captain Jason Rivarde with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office says citizens should make these kinds of adjustments in their deliveries.

“If at all possible if you have a job that’s sympathetic you can always have your packages delivered to your job, trying to have your packages scheduled to be delivered on the weekends when you’re home,” said Rivarde.

He’s also reminding citizens to report stolen packages, while retailers may replace the item he says this is the season for crimes of opportunity, and they will investigate as best they can.

“But if we can take an ounce of prevention that’s always worth a pound of cure,” said Rivarde.

And if Christmas cheer was what these thieves were looking for, neighbors say they would happily give it away, they don’t need to steal it.

“I would give people money or food on their table just don’t take it it’s just really wrong.”

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