Walmart employees praised for saving woman’s life

Walmart employees praised for saving woman’s life
Walmart employees praised for saving woman's life (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Lloyd Chustz says his wife, Barbara Chustz, is lucky to be alive and it’s all because of a Walmart employee in Baker.

Lloyd Chustz’s wife was having an attack while she was in Walmart. She had two fractured ribs, a fractured ankle and had to get two stitches after she fell down in the store.

She had been having some breathing issues and felt like her throat was closing. She had even had a few issues with her heart for a few weeks.

The couple went to Walmart to grocery shop and when he started to check-out he said he was alerted that a woman had fallen out in the store.

“I called my wife’s phone and couldn’t get her on the phone and that’s when I knew it was her,” Chustz said. “They had to do CPR on her and she didn’t have a pulse and I didn’t know whether she’d make it or not.”

Chustz said he was terrified but two Walmart pharmacy employees did CPR on the woman and helped her until emergency crews arrived.

“I am very thankful for them. It was a miracle and God definitely put them there for a reason,” Chustz said.

They ended up taking her to the hospital where she spent about two months recovering once they found out she had a heart blockage. Following a vigorous round of physical therapy and rehab, she has slowly started to regain her memory and she is beginning to regain her ability to walk and function normally.

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