YOUR MONEY: Best things to buy in December

YOUR MONEY: Best things to buy in December

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - With Christmas coming up you might think December is not a good time to score some deals, but they are out there.

RetailMeNot’s Shopping Expert Sara Skirboll and her team analyzed every shopping category to see where you can save your dollars while shopping in the month of December.

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Winter Apparel

  • The shopping experts say the closer you wait to Christmas to buy, the lower the prices will be on Winter inventory. In fact, you can save up to 26 percent off in December. So think about buying coats, sweaters and pajamas this month.
  • Shop around on the websites of your favorite clothing retailers and keep an eye on those prices. Chances are they will drop.

Toys and electronics

  • Check out Best Buy’s clearance section. The retailer is offering up to 50 percent off on popular toys and things like headphones.
  • For example, these JVC headphones are now $22.99.
  • Some children’s toys you can find under $10 or even $5.
  • For these deals you might want to buy these on the sooner side because these deals tend to go quicker.


  • You can save up to 28 percent off alcohol in December. RetailMeNot reports that just like other retailers in competition with one another this time of year liquor stores will be lowering their prices in hopes of a sale. Remember, don’t drink and drive this holiday season.

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