High School football in a bubble; the lengths some schools are going to preserve playoff runs

High School football in a bubble; the lengths some schools are going to preserve playoff runs

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - For the last week players at St. Helena High School have been living with their coaches.

Every player for the remainder of the season will be living this way. It is all in an attempt to salvage a season that has been plagued with Covid-19.

“We wanted to make sure that we, for one, that we weren’t that team that had to make a call to somebody else if we ever was in the playoffs and happen to lose out, now their team can’t advance because of us, but we also wanted to make sure we left every situation we had to go win state and put that in our kids hands,” said Brandon Mitchell, Head Coach at St. Helena.

The “bubble” is the product of superintendent Kelli Joseph and Mitchell. The players eat, sleep, and complete their schoolwork at the coach’s house then head to practice, all while being isolated from anyone else at school.

“I have no problem with it as long as it keeps us safe, keeps the other team safe that we’re about to play,” said Senior Quarterback Deshon Singleton.

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Not every school in the Baton Rouge area have gone to these lengths to protect the season. At Zachary High, parents and students on the team were encouraged to go virtual until the season is completed.

“A lot of our football players are learning from their computer through what we call our distance learning program but they’re actually in their classes, they’re just virtually watching the class and participating in it,” said Head Coach David Brewerton.

At both schools, the coaches say parents and players have both bought into the system, as long as it means they will get to keep playing.

“I’m still enjoying it,” Singleton said. “I’m blessed to still be in the playoffs because any game could be my last game. I’m just grateful for that. These other teams aren’t playing right now because someone caught Covid or they just lost out. So, I’m grateful for being in the playoffs.”

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