SCAM ALERT: BBB warns Americans about fake COVID-19 vaccine scams

SCAM ALERT: BBB warns Americans about fake COVID-19 vaccine scams

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - On Thursday, an independent advisory panel with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will vote to say whether the Pfizer vaccine should get emergency approval.

If approved, the U.S. would receive its first shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine within days.

There is already a priority distribution schedule in place. Frontline healthcare workers will get access to the drug first then it will be essential workers, seniors, and those who are at a higher risk of getting the novel virus.

Some people are desperate to get this vaccine.

It’s this group of people who may be particularly vulnerable to becoming victims of this new scam.

“If somebody reaches out to you and says that they can get you the vaccine you need to be concerned. If they are emailing you or texting you or whatever you need to investigate before you get involved,” said Carmen Million, the CEO and President of the Better Business Bureau of South Central Louisiana.

She is sharing this important warning ahead of the vaccine arrive in the United States because she knows scammers are already working to convince people they actually have a limited supply of these COVID-19 vaccines.

That should be a big red flag.

“If somebody calls you, emails you, or texts you and they’re talking about a vaccine you need to be very skeptical. Take a minute, investigate, do your homework, and use common sense. Don’t allow fear to help you make a bad decision,” she explained.

This is a brand new vaccine being unveiled across the world.

Keep that in mind if you or someone you know might be desperate to get this vaccination.

“Unfortunately the experts are learning as they go,” she said. “It’s the reality but you still need to be cautious and yes, it’s important that you get the vaccine when it becomes available and it’s been approved but you want to get it from a trusted resource. Like I said, your doctor or your pharmacist. You don’t want to just take it from somebody who implies they are with an expert.”

If someone reaches out to you saying they have exclusive access to the COVID-19 vaccine or medication that could cure you report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

This agency has a running list of COVID-19 scams and the only way they can track all of these scams is if people report it.

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