Baton Rouge area residents share thoughts on coronavirus vaccine

Updated: Dec. 8, 2020 at 7:04 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Talks of the Covid-19 vaccination is creating mixed views for people deciding whether it is a safe choice for their family. WAFB reporter Donovan Jackson gathered reaction from people in the Downtown Baton Rouge on the new vaccine.

“I think I would be glad to take it, but I would want at least a few months in advance to make sure that everything is going to be okay, and then, I would love to take it. Give me about two or three months, and I can see that everything is going to be okay with everybody,” said Karen Lands.

“Right now, I don’t think that I would definitely take this vaccine because it’s too early right now to see what it might do, so I’m just going to wait probably a year and see what happens after that,” said Lisa Perkins.

“Well, I would take it because when Dr. Fauci said that he would take it, that gives me confidence in the vaccine. Yes, I’m ready,” said Randy Monte.

“When the flu shot came out, I took the flu shot. I had never had the flu before, and I took the flu shot and I got terribly sick. I thought I was dying. For those people that it would work for, God bless them, but I don’t think that I would be interested in it.” said Patricia Pitts

“I would take it because somebody is going to have to take that chance. At first, I was reluctant about it, I wasn’t going to be the first one. But sometimes you might not get a second chance and you still have to take the opportunity to do it because it didn’t say 100% so it might be some things that don’t work for me, but I think I would probably take it if I had the opportunity,” said Daniel.

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