Sherwood Forest finally gets security cameras promised in 2013

Sherwood Forest area gets crime cameras first promised in 2013

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Sherwood Forest crime district releases new cameras that will connect to Baton Rouge Real Time Crime Center that will help keep the neighborhood safer.

If you drive down Sherwood Forest Blvd, you are bound to see a few signs saying “Smile, you’re on camera.”

Neighbors are tired of the crime and they know it happens too often. “It’s a lot of traffic coming through the neighborhood. You know and people see things, probably, it’s just a lot of people and they see nicer houses and think that they can get something from it,” says Emile Lobrano who lives around the Sherwood Forest neighborhood.

Now, Sherwood Forest neighborhood is getting new live surveillance cameras—which includes a license plate reader—that will link up to Baton Rouge’s real-time crime center. A system that residents themselves paid for and wanted. “I have a 72-year-old mother, she stays in this area and I can sleep good at night for now I think knowing that the extra cameras, extra protection,” says resident Ramon Thomas.

The Sherwood Forest crime district partnered with BRPD and the Mayor’s office to get these cameras rolling. The cameras will help the police out with home invasions, car burglaries, and other crimes that may occur around the Sherwood Forest Area. The equipment itself can pick up on certain objects and color, and the cameras will serve as a pilot program for other crime districts.

“Those who live in Sherwood Forest and those who join this program will feel safer, and it will be another investigation tool. It’s about efficiencies. Not only will it prevent when a crime does occur, we actually have tools that we can go into to use technology to help solve those crimes,” says Chief Murphy Paul. City officials are hoping others in and around our area will look into this program to not only make their neighborhoods safe but the city of Baton Rouge as well.

Another initiative announced today by the mayor’s office and BRPD is for other businesses and residents in the capitol city. If they have their own personal camera surveillance system, they can sign up for the Connect Blue Baton Rouge Director.

If a crime does happen around you live, BRPD can quickly communicate with directory members and request security video.

This is the link to Connect Blue Baton Rouge Directory. If you would like to opt into the Connect Baton Rouge Directory, you can sign up through this link.

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