How to keep gifts spoiler-free and away from porch pirates this holiday season

How to keep gifts spoiler-free and away from porch pirates this holiday season

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Online shopping is expected to hit record highs this year as the coronavirus pandemic limits the capacity to shop in stores.

With so many people buying holiday gifts online, how do you ensure they stay a surprise?

Amazon Spokesperson Alyssa Bronikowski explained how the company is offering shared tracking with a gift option.

“What customers can do if they’re sending a gift to say a loved one or a friend across the country is they can place their order, mark it as a gift and when their order is shipped out they can actually share the tracking information with the gift recipient and the gift recipient will be able to follow the package along its journey but they still won’t know what’s inside the box,” she said.

If you have had issues with porch pirates stealing packages from your home consider using Amazon’s Hub locations.

“Customers could use a variety of Amazon Hub locations for a number of reasons,” said Bronikowski. “Maybe they don’t have a secure delivery location at home, maybe they would just prefer to pick up their packages verses delivery. Or this year and this holiday season, customers can actually send their gifts to an Amazon Hub locations to family members or loved ones across the country.”

There are about 16 Amazon Hub locations in and around the Baton Rouge area.

It’s helpful to use this option if you know the person receiving the gift will not be home when the package will get delivered.

To view the Amazon Hub locations closest to you CLICK HERE.

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