Some families going virtual for Thanksgiving this year

Families go virtual for Thanksgiving to prevent spread of COVID-19

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Many people may be changing their plans around this Thanksgiving in order to stay safe what with the ongoing pandemic.

Erica Roberts’ Thanksgiving holiday with her family will be smaller this year. To keep everyone safe, some of her older relatives are choosing to stay home to try and avoid catching COVID-19.

“They have actually taken the virus very seriously, so there wasn’t even really an option. They are older, and he has a heart condition. So, we’ve taken that very seriously. We’ve actually haven’t seen them since last Thanksgiving,” says Roberts.

The Roberts’ grandparents may not be physically at the dinner table, but like many others, they are making virtual plans so everyone can still spend the annual Thanksgiving feast together.

“When it comes to the older family members like my husband’s grandmother is an assisted living facility. She is smart as a whip, but not quite zoom ready. So, we do FaceTime a good bit with my kids and you know we will probably do that for Thanksgiving,” adds Roberts. Erica admits it was hard at first teaching their grandmother how to FaceTime, but eventually, she got the hang of it.

Regardless, the Roberts family wants everyone to be included, “It gives us the opportunity for family and coming together; I think we all really need that this year. It’s just finally the holiday time where we can do that,” Roberts says. Even though it’s different this year, they are all thankful they are well and healthy.

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