Our Lady of the Lake launches ‘imagination wagon’ for young patients

OLOL launches "imagination wagon” to boost spirits of young patients

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital designs a new wagon called “imagination wagon” with attachable IV poles, so children can get around the hospital easier and in a more fun way.

At Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, Addy who is 4 years old, is going to an MRI check up for her seizures. However, today she is getting to her appointment a little differently.

Addy’s nurse straps her in and asks, “Are you ready to roll?” Addy nods in agreement. OLOL Children’s Hospital created an imagination wagon for kids to ride in during their hospital visits. It’s the first of its kind to have an attachable IV pole and wagon safety breaks to keep the wagon steady so it doesn’t drift away.

“So, most of our children here in the hospital are connected to an IV and an IV pole. We always notice the parent trying to pull the wagon and pull an IV pole, and maybe hold a cup of coffee or cell phone. It was just cumbersome, it was just much,” says Sharon Wesberry who is the manager of the child life department at OLOL.

The wagon is modeled after a boat to match the Louisiana waterways theme in the hospital allowing children to escape into their imagination, have more fun and worry less.

“We want them to get in the wagon and forget why they are here. Forget about going to a procedure or that they’re sick. Anything for a moment that we can take that worry away from them is golden,” says Melissa Romero who is the head of the patient experience at OLOL.

OLOL plans to get more of these boats for next year, hoping for at least 50 that way children can use them on their way to surgeries. So far, two other national children’s hospitals are looking at the imagination wagons that way their patients can just be kids and forget about everything else.

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