THE INVESTIGATORS: New Louisiana State Police superintendent promises transparency, accountability within agency

New head of Louisiana State Police vows to hold officers accountable, transparent

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Col. Lamar Davis, a native of Baton Rouge and graduate of Southern University, is in his second week on the job as the new superintendent of Louisiana State Police.

It’s a role he does not take lightly.

“We’re going to review our processes but it takes time and as we go through, we’re going to make changes as changes need to be made,” Davis tells WAFB.

Davis, just the fourth African American to hold the position, says he will focus on accountability and fairness as he transitions into the role and hopefully transforms the state’s top law enforcement agency.

“I really want our agency to focus on taking care of the public, keeping the public safe, building our accountability and building trust,” he says.

The agency has been rocked with a number of controversies in recent months. In October, Trooper Kasha Domingue was formally indicted by a grand jury for allegedly lying about a traffic stop where she ended up shooting a teenager behind a store on Perkins Road.

The same week, audio from a trooper’s body camera was leaked to the 9News Investigators from a 2019 traffic stop that left Ronald Greene dead. The audio is pretty damning with one trooper admitting to beating Greene before he stopped breathing. So far, the agency has refused to make the video public.

Scottie Hunter: “Why has that video not been made public?”

Col. Lamar Davis: “That’s a part of the federal investigation and until such time that they deem fit, then we cannot release any evidence or anything dealing with it.”

Scottie Hunter: “Did they give you a timeline on how soon that could wrap up?”

Col. Lamar Davis: “No sir.”

(See Col. Lamar Davis' full, uninterrupted interview with the 9News Investigators in the video below)

RAW INTERVIEW: LSP Col. Lamar Davis speaks with the 9News Investigators

Protesters marched outside state police headquarters in recent weeks over the Greene case. Many protesters called for a change in leadership, now that change has come the 9News Investigators wanted to know what exactly it will look like.

Davis, appointed by Gov. John Bel Edwards, replaces Col. Kevin Reeves who announced his retirement at the end of October.

Scottie Hunter: “How do you restore the public trust and move forward?”

Col. Lamar Davis: “For me, it’s simple. It’s through decisions. It’s through my interactions and through my actions with others so as I move forward, I want every interaction that I have and every interaction that our troopers have with the public to be those of positiveness.”

Davis says there are some changes he wants to bring into the role. He says he will equally support his officers but will also step in and hold them accountable. While the agency has been mostly limited on what they’ve said publicly about recent controversial incidents, Davis tells the 9News Investigators he plans to be vocal and out-front regardless of the situation.

Scottie Hunter: “Do you make it a commitment to be available and transparent going forward?”

Col. Lamar Davis: “Oh yes. That’s a hallmark. I’m known for dealing with things direct. I can’t speak to anything as far as the past and your requests but I can tell you moving forward that yes, as my availability allows, I will gladly talk about our agency... I love our agency.”

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