FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Expect week of fall weather; historic Iota to make landfall in Central America as major hurricane

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Monday, Nov. 16 - 10 p.m.

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Temperatures will warm by a few degrees through Friday, with mainly sunny skies each day. The bottom line is we get to enjoy a fine week of fall weather with morning lows in the 40°s and 50°s, followed by afternoon highs in the 70°s. The youngsters will need a jacket for the early morning bus ride, but they can stuff it in their backpacks for the afternoon bus ride home.

Tuesday pinpoint forecast
Tuesday pinpoint forecast (Source: WAFB)

Heading into the weekend, morning lows will run closer to 60°, with afternoon highs approaching 80° for much of the WAFB area. The First Alert weekend forecast stays mainly dry Saturday, with just a few showers in the outlook for Sunday as the next autumn cold front rolls towards the area from the northwest. At this stage, the front is expected to arrive late Sunday or Monday.

10-day forecast
10-day forecast (Source: WAFB)

In the tropics, Central America is now bracing for a catastrophic hit by what is now Category 5 Iota. Landfall is expected Monday evening at Category 4 or 5 strength in the same general area that was hammered by Eta as a Category 4 hurricane less than two weeks ago (Nov. 3).

Hurricane Iota cone of uncertainty
Hurricane Iota cone of uncertainty (Source: WAFB)
Hurricane Iota vs. Hurricane Eta
Hurricane Iota vs. Hurricane Eta (Source: WAFB)

This pending landfall is yet another in the seemingly endless array of Atlantic hurricane records being established this season. Iota is now the latest Category 5 hurricane on record to form in the Atlantic Basin. This also makes 2020 the fifth consecutive season with a Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic. As the fourth major hurricane (Category 3 or stronger) to form since Oct. 1, it extends that record too. Prior to 2020, there had never been a season on the record books (back to 1851) with more than two major storms forming after the end of September. The Storm Team notes all four of 2020′s late season majors are Greek letter storms, adding to the bizarre behavior in the tropics this year.

Hurricane Iota is breaking records left and right.
Hurricane Iota is breaking records left and right. (Source: WAFB)

With the pending disaster of an Iota landfall, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) sends another reminder that the 2020 season may not be ending any time soon. As of Monday morning, the NHC is indicating a low-end potential for additional tropical cyclone development in the Caribbean late in the week or upcoming weekend.

In the tropics...
In the tropics... (Source: WAFB)

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