ACTION JACKSON: Mother of 2 being evicted from home despite halt on evictions through end of year

ACTION JACKSON: Woman evicted from home despite CDC moratorium

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A mother of two says she doesn’t know what’s next for her family after being evicted from her home.

She says this is happening despite a CDC moratorium to halt evictions through the end of the year.

“I am supposed to keep them safe from things like this," said Arielle Butler, who’s being evicted from her home. “And now, I just feel useless and I feel alone.”

Butler says they fell behind on their rent after hitting some tough times during the pandemic, however they filled out a declaration form from the CDC, which was supposed to protect qualifying families from evictions through the end of the year.

“Because we’re two months behind and they’re not recognizing the moratorium or because I didn’t hand the judge the moratorium when he’s telling me to get out of our house, now we’re in their position right now,” said Donna Butler, Arielle’s mother.

Baton Rouge City Court Judge Yvette Alexander, who was not involved in Butler’s hearing, says it’s important renters understand it is their responsibility to make sure the judge is aware they have applied for protection during an eviction hearing.

“If you come in and you have the affidavit that you’ve given to your landlord certifying all of that, then more than likely, you will not be evicted,” said Alexander.

Judge Alexander says some judges may not ask if a renter qualified for protection under the moratorium. She’s hopeful families will understand the process to protect themselves and others.

“It is really out there to help people. This pandemic is real, numbers are going up, so we do not want people evicted on the street and spreading COVID-19," the judge said.

Renters will have to pay back any unpaid rent after the moratorium ends. Click here to view and complete the form.

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