Waitr now offering alcohol delivery from restaurants in Baton Rouge

Waitr now offering alcohol delivery from restaurants in Baton Rouge
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The Lafayette-based food delivery company, Waitr, is now offering alcohol delivery in Baton Rouge.

The company says the new service allows anyone 21 years or older to add beer and wine to their orders when they make purchases from their favorite restaurant.

Waitr customers can now view alcohol menus when ordering from Baton Rouge-area restaurants. Any alcohol purchase must be accompanied by a food order, according to Waitr.

“We are happy we can continue to expand ways to reinforce our commitment to local communities in the current environment,” said Carl Grimstad, CEO of Waitr. “We are doing everything possible to find ways to help our restaurant partners provide more services to diners in need, such as the addition of alcohol delivery.”

Grimstad says once your order is delivered, the Waitr driver will verify that you are at least 21 years of age by scanning your identification with a verification app, and asking you to sign a copy of the receipt.

Waitr and its sister brand, Bite Squad, operate in more than 700 cities in the U.S.

“It creates one more or a couple more products that were actually able to get out to the public,” said Brad Maresma, manager at Fat Boys Pizza in Baton Rouge.

Fat Boys Pizza near LSU is one of the restaurants hoping this convenient delivery service will help boost sales during a pandemic.

“It will bring a little bit more money to the bottom line so we’re actually able to make money here and keep everybody happy and keep everybody paid and in the future open up more locations,” said Maresma.

It’s not just an economic impact we could see; some people believe this will be a way to reduce drunk driving.

“It’s a great idea just so that you don’t have to leave your house in the comfort of your own home, just me, and enjoy a little drink. It’s a safe alternative for people that are going out and not getting designated drivers,” said one patron at the restaurant.

Waitr says it plans to add more businesses to the list over the next weeks.

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