YOUR MONEY: Shoppers can get money back for shopping during Cash Back Day

YOUR MONEY: Many online retailers offering cash back offers

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Planning on doing some online shopping anytime soon? A lot of retailers are offering shoppers some cash back while shopping from home during Cash Back Day.

Cash Back Day is a shopping and savings event hosted by

It’s a 48-hour online shopping window between November 5-6 where consumers can get up to 20 percent cash back on purchases made online for hundreds of retailers.

RetailMeNot’s Shopping Expert Sara Skirboll explains exactly how this works.

“It might sound a bit intimidating but I promise it’s not,” said Skirboll. “Five simple steps. Number 1, make sure you are logged into your RetailMeNot account or sign up for a free account. Number two, you choose and activate the cashback offer for where you want to shop at online. Next, make the purchase with the retailer of your choice. Allow 45 days to validate your purchase and last, redeem your rewards via cash through PayPal or Venmo. Just in time for last-minute holiday shopping.”

RetailMeNot's Cash Back Day
RetailMeNot's Cash Back Day (Source:

From beauty products to electronics to apparel consumers will get money back for anything they buy during the Cash Back Day window.

“This year shoppers can expect to find two big differences on Cash Back Day. Number one, you’re going to find limited times flash offers, and number two, you’re going to be able to take advantage of cashback on products, making this year’s Cash Back Day the most rewarding yet," she said.

Skirboll recommends going into Cash Back Day with a game plan. Know exactly what you need or want to buy. That way you don’t end up overspending.

“Install a browser extension. I love one called Deal Finder. It’s going to automatically apply coupon codes and cashback offers right at check out so it saves you time and even more money,” Skirboll explained. “Press pause before you press purchase. You want to make sure you’re doing your research, your price comparing to make sure you’re really getting the best deal. A couple of minutes searching around could save you an extra couple of bucks.”

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