Bay St. Louis dealing with storm damage, tree debris and sunken boats one week after Hurricane Zeta

Updated: Nov. 5, 2020 at 3:32 PM CST
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Dozens of roofs remain damaged, boats sunk and tree debris lines many streets of Bay St. Louis one week after Hurricane Zeta. Town officials are now working with FEMA to assist in the cleanup.

In Bay St. Louis Harbor, once proud boats now rest on the Bay bottom, no match for Hurricane Zeta’s 9-foot storm surge one week ago.

Oil containment efforts are underway near where the Saint Stanislaus pier was partially destroyed.

“We’ve got piers damaged by boats in the harbor and some sinking, but most are being picked up,” said Mayor Mike Favre.

Not all of the damage was confined to the Bay St. Louis Harbor. Some boats like the ‘Adrianna Storm’ were carried away in the 9-foot storm surge.

“We found it 5 miles away it was up on the bank by the Wolf River,” said Tim Sanchez, of Picayune.

In town, Zeta damaged dozens of roofs and caused extensive damage to nearby apartments as some residents are still picking up the pieces.

“Unfortunately got smacked by a big oak tree and like everything else got roof damage,” said resident Kevin Jordan.

Town officials say building codes put in place since Katrina prevented more extensive damage.

They are now working with FEMA to get assistance in a monumental cleanup job grateful that things weren’t any worse.

“We’ll make it. It’s all part of being on the coast,” Jordan said.

At one time, more than 130,000 Mississippi residents lost power during Zeta. Now that number has dwindled to a few hundred. The storm claimed two lives in Mississippi, including a man who died while taking pictures of the storm on a Biloxi beach.

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