ELECTION 2020: Results for races in the WAFB viewing area

Election 2020
Election 2020(WAFB)
Updated: Nov. 3, 2020 at 8:21 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Below are the results for races in the WAFB viewing area.

For additional election results, CLICK HERE. Runoff elections will be held Dec. 5.

President (Louisiana) - Donald Trump (R)

U.S. Senator - Bill Cassidy (R)

U.S. Representative, 1st Congressional District - Steve Scalise (R)

U.S. Representative, 2nd Congressional District - Cedric Richmond (D)

U.S. Representative, 3rd Congressional District - Clay Higgins (R)

U.S. Representative, 4th Congressional District - Mike Johnson (R)

U.S. Representative, 5th Congressional District - Runoff between Luke Letlow (R) and Lance Harris (R)

U.S. Representative, 6th Congressional District - Garret Graves (R)

Court of Appeal, 1st Circuit, 2nd Dist., Sub. 1, Div. A - Runoff between Melanie Newkome Jones (D) and Christopher Hester (R)

PSC, District 1 - Runoff between Eric Skrmetta (R) and Allen Borne Jr. (D)

19th Judicial Dist. Court, ES 1, Div. D - William “Will” Jorden (D)

19th Judicial Dist. Court, ES 1, Div. K - Runoff between Eboni Johnson-Rose (D) and Quintillis K. Lawrence (D)

19th Judicial Dist. Court, ES 2, Div. G - Christopher Dassau (D)

19th Judicial Dist. Court, ES 2, Div. M - Tiffany Foxworth (D)

21st Judicial Dist. Court, Div. F - William Dykes (R)

23rd Judicial Dist. Court, ES 2, Div. B - Cody Martin (R)

23rd Judicial Dist. Court, ES 2, Div. D - Steven Tureau (R)

Constitutional Amendment 1 - PASSED

Constitutional Amendment 2 - PASSED

Constitutional Amendment 3 - PASSED

Constitutional Amendment 4 - FAILED

Constitutional Amendment 5 - FAILED

Constitutional Amendment 6 - PASSED

Constitutional Amendment 7 - PASSED

Donaldsonville Mayor - Leroy Sullivan (D)

Donaldsonville Council, Dist. 1 - Lauthaught Delaney Sr. (D)

Donaldsonville Council, Dist. 2 - Runoff between Raymond Aucoin (D) and Kurt Mitchell (N)

Donaldsonville Council, Dist. 4 - Charles Brown (D)

Donaldsonville Council, Dist. 5 - Michael Sullivan Sr. (D)

Gonzales Council, Div. A - Timothy Riley (D)

Gonzales Council, Div. C - Runoff between Terri Lynn Lambert (R) and Harold Stewart (D)

Ascension Sports Wagering - PASSED

Family Court Judge, Sect. 3, Div. D - Hunter Greene (R)

EBR Mayor-President - Runoff between Sharon Weston Broome (D) and Steve Carter (R)

EBR Metro Council Dist. 1 - Runoff between Brandon Noel (R) and Eric Lewis (D)

EBR Metro Council Dist. 2 - Chauna Banks (D)

EBR Metro Council Dist. 4 - Runoff between Aaron Moak (R) and Tenika James (D)

EBR Metro Council Dist. 5 - Erika Green (D)

EBR Metro Council Dist. 6 - Runoff between Cleve Dunn Jr. (D) and Dawn Collins (D)

EBR Metro Council Dist. 7 - Runoff between LaMont Cole (D) and Alfred Bell (D)

EBR Metro Council Dist. 8 - Denise Amoroso (R)

EBR Metro Council Dist. 9 - Dwight Hudson (R)

EBR Metro Council Dist. 10 - Runoff between Caroyln Coleman (D) and Jay Gaudet (D)

EBR Metro Council Dist. 11 - Laura Adams (R)

EBR Metro Council Dist. 12 - Runoff between Jen Racca (R) and Tania Nyman (D)

EBR Justice of the Peace, Ward 3, Dist. 3 - Larry Spencer (R)

EBR Constable, JOP Ward 2, Dist. 3 - Andrea Hamilton (D)

EBR Constable, JOP Ward 3, Dist. 1 - Gordon Hutchinson (R)

EBR Constable, JOP Ward 3, Dist. 2 - Carey Jenkins (R)

Zachary Council Dist. 2 - Runoff between “Beetle” Boudreaux Fisher (R) and John LeBlanc (R)

EBR Sports Wagering - PASSED

EBR Fire Protection Dist. 1 - PASSED

Brownsfield Fire Protection Dist. 3 - PASSED

Pride Fire Protection Dist. 8 - PASSED

Alsen/St. Irma Fire Protection Dist. 9 - PASSED

Plaquemine Mayor - Edwin Reeves Jr. (D)

Rosedale Mayor - Riley Blanchet (N)

Livingston, Justice of the Peace, Ward 1 - Jeff Sachse (R)

Livingston, Justice of the Peace, Ward 5 - Clara Day

Livingston, Justice of the Peace, Ward 7 - Sandra Allen Causey

Livingston, Constable, JOP Ward 4 - Terry Glascock (R)

Livingston, Constable, JOP Ward 7 - Mark Duncan (N)

Livingston, Constable, JOP Ward 9 - LeRoy Owens (R)

Town of Livingston Mayor - Jonathan Taylor (R)

French Settlement Mayor - Runoff between Rhonda Lobell (R) and Haley Unbehagen (R)

Walker Chief of Police - David Addison (R)

Town of Livingston Chief of Police - Randy Dufrene Sr. (D)

French Settlement Chief of Police - Cary Mosby (N)

Livingston Sports Wagering - PASSED

Livingston Parishwide Proposition - PASSED

Amite Mayor - Walter Daniels (D)

Roseland Mayor - Wanda McCoy (D)

Village of Tangipahoa Mayor - Runoff between Dawn Gray (D) and Sheila Martin (D)

Port Allen Mayor - Richard Lee III (D)

Port Allen Chief of Police - Runoff between Corey Hicks (D) and Esdron Brown (D)

WBR Sports Wagering - PASSED

St. Francisville Mayor - Robert “Bobee” Leake (R)

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