Thousands of fans in Superdome Sunday, as renovations are well underway

Thousands of fans in Superdome Sunday, as renovations are well underway

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Three thousand long-time Saints season ticket holders should find out soon whether they will be among the first fans to attend a Saints game in the Superdome during this bizarre season.

The Saints have placed the names of some of their most loyal ticket holders in a lottery.

Any other year, 3,000 fans in the Dome would be considered a failure, but now, it’s looked at as a step in the right direction.

For people who sell Saints merchandise, it has been a rough year.

“I’ve had some really rough times and I made it through them and I’ll make it now,” said Pam Randazza with the Black and Gold Shop.

So far, the city has only allowed in 750 fans, but this Sunday, Oct. 25, they’ve agreed to admit 3,000 people when the Saints play Carolina. That’s only 4% capacity.

Attendees will be picked from a lottery based on seniority and if they look closely, they may be able to see some changes inside the Superdome.

“This is what we called the enabling Phase 1A or 1B and then you’ll have the space on the sidelines to really create some unique aspects,” said Superdome communications director, Mike Hoss.

A massive $450 million renovation project is about one-third complete, with the cost being split by the Superdome managing district, or LSED, the Saints, and the state .

So far, four new stairwells and two freight elevators have been built where massive ramps once stood, with more on the way.

“That’s what will be down the road, the escalators that will take you from plaza to the 300 level or the 400 level,” said Hoss.

Future improvements will include new 500 level concourses, more open areas, and other possible field level amenities for the fans.

While the city is now allowing 3,000 fans inside the dome Sunday, many wish there could be more.

“Hopefully in time it will open up more than they say. That’s what I’m hoping for,” said Randazza.

If all goes well, the city may allow 6,000 fans for the Saints' next home game, but first, we have to get past Carolina Sunday. After that, the next home game is Nov. 15 versus San Francisco.

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