FAA takes over investigation after Slidell area plane crash

FAA takes over investigation after Slidell area plane crash
At least one person is dead following a crash near the Slidell Municipal Airport. (Source: WVUE)

SLIDELL, La. (WVUE) -The FAA is now handling the investigation into what caused a small plane to crash near the Slidell Municipal Airport, killing at least one person. The call went out around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening but the crash itself may have happened much earlier.

Slidell Police Chief Randy Randal said the investigation has now been turned over to the FAA, but when speaking this morning he said the plane may have crashed hours before the first call went out to first responders.

He said investigators determined the plane had been burning for some time when they arrived and was noticed because of a plume of smoke spotted by another plane that was taking off.

“We confirmed that sometime around two o’clock Wednesday afternoon and six o’clock yesterday evening, that a single engine airplane did go down just off the northwest runway into the wooded area right there. there’s been one confirmed fatality. FAA is on the scene. they’re handling the investigation. if you have any questions I would just refer them to the FAA,” Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal said.

The small Beach Craft Bonanza crashed in a wooded area about 50 yards west of the air strip, and at least one person has been confirmed dead in that crash.

Over 50 first responders came out to the scene, along with fire trucks, ATVs, police units and drones. Police have not released the name, age, and gender of the victim and whether or not anyone else was on board at the time.

The Slidell Municipal Airport does not have a comms tower and is used mostly by hobbyists and private flyers.

Slidell police said they were contacted by a New Orleans family who said they were expecting loved ones to arrive here at this airport last night, but it’s not fair to say if that is related to the crash.

“We do have the registration for the aircraft. We know who it belonged to but that doesn’t mean that’s who’s in it,” Slidell Airport Director Richard Artigue. “It’s tough. These people are all alone, the family out there. It’s tough.”

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