Baton Rouge couple reacts to same-sex union endorsement from Pope Francis

Baton Rouge couple reacts to pope's endorsement of same-sex civil unions

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Pope Francis' comments on same-sex marriage have gained a lot of attention, including in Baton Rouge.

WAFB’s Donovan Jackson spoke with a Baton Rouge couple who says this is a big step forward for a community fighting for equality.

“Something that might help other people and other family members say, ‘Hey, my son, my daughter, my child, they did come out and say the pope did say they’re part of the family, you can’t shun them,' may help them not experience a hardship that they have coming up,” said Christopher Bradford and Jonathan Rodger.

The couple says they’re hopeful this will open more doors in the church in terms of accepting same-sex unions.

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