EBR councilman posts rant on Facebook over campaign signs

Updated: Oct. 19, 2020 at 9:39 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - With just 15 days until Election Day, many people are tired of seeing political signs on nearly every corner of the community.

But did one Baton Rouge metro councilman go too far by taking close to 100 signs down Monday morning (Oct. 19)? Councilman Dwight Hudson says they were placed illegally.

In the video post, Hudson says, “Morning Rant: We can all agree that we need do a better job of addressing litter in East Baton Rouge Parish. Trashing up our streets and rights of way should not be tolerated, especially from candidates.”

The brief video shows a string of campaign signs placed in the median of a Baton Rouge street. The video then cuts away after Hudson mentions placing signs is not a campaign tactic that sells, and then the signs are suddenly gone. Watch below:

But one local civic leader says the signs that were taken down were for his candidates, and he believes the councilman overstepped his boundaries.

We all know when Fall comes in Louisiana, so do those pesky political signs on basically every corner of your neighborhood.

But one metro councilman believes it’s a sight for sore eyes.

“I’ll be willing to bet that every single one of these folks have been putting out mailers, and advertisements saying they want to clean up Baton Rouge, make it a much better place to live, less litter, and that kind of stuff,” said District 9 Councilman Dwight Hudson.

Hudson says his constituents called him about how upset they were regarding the amount of signs in front of the early voting location there on Harrell’s Ferry, so he did something about it.

“There were signs illegally placed in the right-of-way. It’s been a big pet peeve of mine for a while. We pick up these signs on a regular basis. To see that many candidate signs out there, you’re causing an issue. And I decided to grab them and pick them up,” said Hudson.

The move caused a quick stir on social media, when one person noticed the campaign signs for candidates he is working for, had disappeared.

“First thing they think of is there opponent is taking the signs. Not that someone outside the race, would be removing signs. And we found out today when I posted on social media regarding who took the signs, Councilman Dwight Hudson commented saying he removed the signs,” said Daniel Banguel, civic leader and political consultant.

Hudson says he considered the signs to be litter because they were potentially illegally placed in this median, citing an ordinance he passed back in 2018 on illegal signage throughout the parish.

“Essentially they need to be placed on private property with the property owner’s permission. They cannot be placed in the right of way, or on boulevards, or on any public owned property,” said Hudson.

But Banguel says political signs cost a good amount of money, and he believes the proper entities should’ve disposed of the signs instead of Hudson. And he would’ve just like the councilman to give the candidates a heads up.

“Many people in this parish have permits to put the signs where they currently are, I don’t think that he should be the proper person that should be doing this. So I just think he needs to focus on his race, and let the proper authorities pick up the litter, if it deems to be as such,” said Banguel.

Councilman Hudson tells WAFB he did not pick up any of his opponent’s signs, who he is facing on November 3.

The campaign signs were reportedly found in a trash can near Woodlawn Baptist Church.

These campaign signs appear to have been pulled out the ground and thrown away in a trash can...
These campaign signs appear to have been pulled out the ground and thrown away in a trash can near Woodlawn Baptist Church.(Daniel Banguel)

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