A second Jefferson Parish student accused of violating weapons policy while virtually learning

Jefferson Parish Schools
Jefferson Parish Schools(WVUE FOX 8)
Updated: Oct. 15, 2020 at 4:42 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLE, La. (WVUE) - The Jefferson Parish School system threatens another virtual learner with expulsion and ultimately suspended him for an incident involving a BB gun in his home.

“I was shocked when she told me he was recommended for expulsion. I didn’t know what to say or do,” Tim Brown said.

Tim Brown says his 11-year-old son Tomie Brown is an honor roll student in Grand Isle and he never gets in trouble.

“He was nominated to Grand Isle student of the year last year. His teacher tells me he is one of the best kids he has. He’s a good kid,” Brown said.

However, Tomie is accused of violating a weapons policy during his online class.

According to the disciplinary report, the teacher wrote, 'I did not see the BB gun. In my opinion, he was not making a threat or threatening anyone. He just wanted to show the BB gun off to his peers."

In the report, the teacher said the class claimed the boy showed the BB gun. Brown doesn’t believe his home should have been considered an extension of the classroom.

“I also never received any type of documents or rules that they considered my home their property while he was doing a virtual class,” Tim Brown said.

The Jefferson Parish School System suspended Tomie and put him on probation. Brown says when he saw Ka Mauri Harrison’s story, the Woodmere Elementary 4th grader suspended for having a BB gun in his room during virtual learning, Brown was relieved that attention was being brought to the issue.

“Ya know, it’s like thank GOD somebody is fighting these people. Somebody needs to hold them accountable for treating my son like a criminal,” Brown said.

Attorney Chelsea Cusimano represents the Brown family and Ka Mauri Harrison’s family.

“Thank God that he was able to get the documents to us, and we have the legislature on our side. The entire House approved the bill on Tuesday,” Cusimano said.

House Bill 83, named after Ka Mauri, would require all school districts in the state to revamp discipline policies in light of expanded distant learning. The bill also modifies the law already in place to give students a secondary review if they’re recommended for expulsion.

“Had this not happened, these children would have been left with no recourse,” Cusimano said.

Ka Mauri’s case has gotten national attention and earned him a meeting this week with the Governor.

“I’m a proud father that my son is going to be the face of change,” Nyron Harrison said.

House Bill 83 will now go to the Senate. Tomie was also put on probation, but Cusimano says the school board has agreed to put that probation on hold pending the outcome of the legislation.

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