THE INVESTIGATORS: Man charged in deadly rampage has history dotted with streaks of violence

Man arrested, accused of killing 2-year-old in violent rampage

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Police say one man was responsible for a violent rampage through the streets of Baton Rouge that left an innocent little boy dead and several families on edge but the 9News Investigators have learned Thursday’s outburst was far from Kendrick Myles’ first round of violence.

UPDATE 2/12: Hillar Moore confirms Kendrick Myles was indicted Thursday, Feb. 11 on second-degree murder and a lot of other felony counts, for killing 2-year-old boy, Azariah Thomas.

Myles was tied to four separate crimes overnight Thursday. Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul says he unleashed raw terror all across the capital city.

“All incidents involved one suspect,” he said.

Chief Paul says the man kidnapped a 9-year-old family member off of Bluebonnet around 8 p.m. Not long after that, he allegedly barged into a home on Osceola Street and shot a man in the hand. Police say his one-man rampage was brought to an end after an hours-long standoff with officers but not before he got into a gunfight with another family member on Snipe Street then opened fire on another home on West Upland. That is where police say he shot and killed a 2-year-old boy identified as Azariah Thomas.

“He was a beautiful soul and when we’re out there and we’re trying to find comforting words, it’s hard,” said Chief Paul.

The city’s top cop appealed to everyone to stop the violence and just be better, saying someone, somewhere had the information to stop this before it started.

“The story begins to be the same… it’s the same story,” said Paul. “Somebody somewhere in that person’s inner circle knew something where they could have picked up the phone and called law enforcement where they could have prevented that shooting from happening.”

The 9News Investigators have learned this is not Myles' first run-in with the law. Court records show the 41-year-old tried to burn a house down back in June 2020. The house he alleged burned is right down the street from the home he’s now accused of shooting up on Osceola. Neighbors who did not want to be interviewed said the home he tried to burn down was where his ex-girlfriend lived.

In 2004, he was linked to another round of violence. At the time, he faced all these charges when police say he tried to kill 11 people in four different incidents within a month. Police believe that crime spree was to get to his ex-girlfriend. He had previously spent some time in jail after she filed assault charges against him.

“We’re dealing with the same people over and over and over again,” said Paul. While their job is far from over, the chief says the community is safer with Myles off the streets. “This criminal who took the life of a baby, we have to do better than that,” said Paul.

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