Political sign with offensive language causing stir in Baton Rouge neighborhood

Offensive political sign placed in neighborhood has people turning heads

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Offensive wording printed on a political sign in one Baton Rouge neighborhood is turning heads.

The sign shows President Donald Trump dressed as Uncle Sam with the words, “just say no to Joe” and a derogatory word for a promiscuous woman that rhymes with Joe. People who live in the area are upset that families with kids in the car have to see this on the way to Cedarcrest-Southmoor Elementary School.

Neighbors are not exactly sure who put the sign up, but regardless they want it taken down.
Neighbors are not exactly sure who put the sign up, but regardless they want it taken down. (Source: WAFB)

“It’s okay, you know, for politics, there’s a time and place for politics. There is a time and place for words, chosen words… and that’s not the place or time,” said Byron Cage.

Cage has lived in the neighborhood for 20 years, where political signs in neighbors’ yards are normal, but not like this one.

“It’s kind of terrifying to see that people don’t respect our presence, that doesn’t respect our community, that children and families are passing by. Children don’t need to see that, families don’t need to see that type of language on the sign,” said Aletha Haynes, who lives right across the street from the sign.

The sign is at a four-way stop sign on Patricia and Cedarcrest Avenue, where a lot of traffic rolls by. Neighbors say they aren’t sure who put the sign out.

“And when the sign was put up, the people that the sign is in front of was not even at home, so they probably aware of the sign, but not who put it up, and why it is up,” added Haynes, who does not think those particular homeowners put up the sign.

Neighbors speculate someone passing by may have put the sign up. During a heated political season, random people often place signs at this intersection, and sometimes residents see signs advertising for various businesses on the corner as well.

The city says if signs are in the right of way near public property, it can be thrown away by maintenance. In terms of taking down the sign, it will have to be up to the homeowner’s association.

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