Many residents in W Feliciana Parish still waiting for power to be restored after Hurricane Delta

Power outages persist in West Feliciana Parish nearly a week after Hurricane Delta

WEST FELICIANA PARISH, La. (WAFB) - A look at DEMCO’s power outage map shows that while most parishes in the Baton Rouge area are fully restored with power after Hurricane Delta, one parish in particular is still struggling to get back online.

Many residents have been running generators since the storm and say they feel like they’ve been forgotten.

“We need electricity like everybody else,” said Orlean Scott.

She says going about the daily routine has become a hassle for her family ever since Hurricane Delta knocked out the power to their home on Sligo Road in St. Francisville. Now, they have to cook their meals outside on a gas-powered burner. Washing and drying clothes is also not the easiest of tasks, and even though they have a generator, there’s only so much they can power up.

“My sister right here, she’s in a wheelchair, and that’s her only way of getting around. The generator got so much on it, so it’s just, you know, those chairs take a lot to charge them up,” Scott said.

Right down the road, Scott’s neighbors are dealing with the same issue.

“Imagine you don’t have any power, so you don’t have any hot water to take a bath with,” said a resident on Sligo Road.

The 79-year-old says he has tried to call DEMCO several times about the power outages, but only gets an automated system.

“At least they could communicate with us, if we call down there, we talk to a stupid computer and then you can’t even ask them any questions. The way it looks to me is the people back on Sligo Road back in this area it’s forgotten about," he said.

A representative with DEMCO says nearly 800 of their customers were still without of power as of 12 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 14. The company put 300 workers on the ground to get power restored as soon as safely possible. They’re working to have lights back on for all families in West Feliciana Parish by the end of the week.

“Electricity comes right to us and then it stops, so we need to know why we don’t hear from nobody. We don’t even see the trucks running up and down here, so we want to know why they’re not up in here.”

DEMCO did send out crews to Sligo Road, and power has since been restored for residents.

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