Gov. Edwards tours areas impacted by Delta

Updated: Oct. 10, 2020 at 2:33 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Governor John Bel Edwards toured areas impacted by Hurricane Delta on Saturday, Oct. 10.

Edwards said Lake Charles received about 15 inches of rain during the storm.

“It was a big storm,” Edwards said.

The governor said it is going to be a challenge distinguishing between the damage caused by Hurricane Laura and Delta.

The national guard is distributing meals, tarp and water. It is also aiding in search and rescue, however, no fatalities have been reported so far, Edwards said.

Monitor for conditions and road closures.

Gov. Edwards met with the media briefly before leaving to tour areas damaged by Delta. Hurricane Delta made landfall just 12 miles east from where Hurricane Laura made landfall just a few weeks ago.

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The Baton Rouge area received 10 inches of rain from Delta and the hardest hit areas were to southwest Louisiana.

Power outages are the biggest concern in the aftermath from Delta with approximately 600,000 without power around noon today.

“With respect to power outages, oddly enough, because Hurricane Delta was much larger in terms of its wind field, there were more power outages with Delta than there were with Laura. The peak was 638,000 outages across the state of Louisiana," Gov. Edwards said. "As of noon [Saturday] that number had decreased to 600,000. So restoration appears to be happening more rapidly than was the case after Laura, and that’s because the damage to the infrastructure is not as significant. But that’s still an awful lot of power outages. The current level of 25% of all customers in Louisiana are without power.”

The Governor and other cabinet members are traveling to impacted areas and join local officials and lawmakers to survey the damage.

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