People in Abbeville preparing for Delta

How people in Abbeville are preparing for Delta

ABBEVILLE, La. (WAFB) - Preparing for a storm is nothing new for the people in Abbeville, La. and they have used the last few hours before Hurricane Delta makes landfall to make last minute preparations.

Happy DeBlanc spent the little time he had before Delta hits by getting gas and making sure he’s ready to go and ride out the storm.

“We’re worried about all of them. It’s a hurricane so you have to take every one serious,” DeBlanc said. “Cause you just hope for the best. Just leave it in Gods hands.”

After going through Hurricane Laura just a few weeks back DeBlanc wanted to make sure he was prepared and ready when Delta finally does make landfall.

During Hurricane Laura DeBlanc didn’t have a generator and lost power for three days, but this time he does have a generator and is ready for Delta.

Other residents in Abbeville were getting ready for whatever comes with Delta and have been riding out storms for the last 40 years.

Steve Richard and Aaron Clements were filling up too, getting ready for that southern wind to pick up.

“I’ve rode them all out since I’ve been alive. 40 years now,” said Aaron Clements. “No use in running now. Where are we going to run to?”

Boarding up and hunkering down is something that the people in Abbeville are accustomed too, but Delta may be one storm too many.

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