Evacuees from Southwest La. plan to stay in Baton Rouge, other places a little longer due to Hurricane Delta

Evacuees from SW La. plan on staying in BR longer due to Delta

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - It wasn’t long ago that people in the Lake Charles area saw damage like this after Hurricane Laura ravaged southwest Louisiana.

Some folks who have been staying in the capital region since evacuating from Hurricane Laura still haven’t made it back home.

“We do have a contractor that we’re hoping to be able to do the rebuild, and then I told them my dream was to be back in my house by Christmas," Gladys Smith said. "Your dream is not going to come true,’” says Smith who has been in Prairieville since she evacuating from Hurricane Laura.

She plans on staying put with her son’s family as Hurricane Delta moves in while she wonders what the state of her house will be after another storm blows over.

“A lot of us still have debris piled up in our yards and that’s a concern because that’s basically going to be all projectile with the winds that are going to hit from Delta,” adds Smith.

Like Smith, many others from the Lake Charles area, are trying to figure out what to do during Delta. Some people who stayed in Baton Rouge since Hurricane Laura decided to head west toward Texas.

Joel Leger and his family and trying to get away from yet another storm, “It’s been very tiring, very exhausting, but we know that somethings you just gotta get through, you gotta get stuff done no matter how you are feeling about it.”

There will still be a long way to go for recovery in Lake Charles, long after Hurricane Delta makes landfall. While, it’s expected to reach land as a weaker storm than Laura, people from Southwest Louisiana are still worried about what’s to come.

“I see a lot of people getting depressed because we just don’t know which way to turn anymore, not knowing what’s going on with our homes and it’s just the process of dealing with Laura and then being hit with a second blow,” says Smith.

Depending on any damage added by Delta, some people tell us they may end up staying in Baton Rouge longer than expected. Evacuees are hoping they will be able to return back to their homes on Saturday or Sunday to check in on their homes.

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