Several Baton Rouge organizations searching for volunteers ahead of Hurricane Delta

Baton Rouge non-profit organizations call for volunteers ahead of Hurricane Delta

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Several non-profit organizations are asking for Baton Rouge area residents to step up to help before and after Hurricane Delta makes landfall.

It’s been a busy hurricane season, but non-profits are determined to be ready once again to put their hurricane response plan into action.

“So right now, we are trying to make sure that our canteen, that you see here with us, is mobilized and ready to go. It’s stocked. It will really be ready to roll with about 2,000 meals depending on where we’re going to serve as this Hurricane Delta comes through,” explains Major Donald Tekautz with the Baton Rouge corps of the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army is preparing several hot meal kits to distribute. They are also planning to give out clean up kits for people who have storm damage, as well as, personal hygiene items like feminine products.

“If it’s here in Baton Rouge if needed, or if we need to move west to Lafayette or to Lake Charles, we will be ready to serve and stuff. All that prep is done, meals being fixed, the canteen being serviced and staff ready to roll when we need them to go,” Tekautz says.

The American Red Cross is also stocking up items to assist people in affected areas, but they are also looking for volunteers to help with any recovery efforts that might be needed such as delivering meals, distributing emergency supplies. They also need volunteers who can help with counseling.

“I know there is an exhaustion around the amount of pure disasters that we’ve had impact our region and impact our state over the last several months. And what better way to support your community than volunteering to assure that they are getting the assistance that they need,” says Stephanie Wagner who is the spokesperson for the American Red Cross.

Both groups say that they are prepared to go to areas with the most immediate impact to help those in need.

For more information on how you can volunteer or donate to the American Red Cross, click here.

To volunteer or donate to the Salvation Army, click here.

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