Bill in La. House would prevent schools, employers from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations

Louisiana lawmakers debate whether COVID-19 vaccinations should be required by schools, employers

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Doctors are at least months away, by the best estimates, from having access to a COVID-19 vaccine but it’s already become a topic of discussion by lawmakers at the Louisiana State Capitol.

The main debate is whether people should be required to be vaccinated.

Darin Adams, who owns Reggie’s bar in Tigerland, knows the impacts of COVID-19 first hand.

“Both my parents had coronavirus, my father passed away from it and I still haven’t gotten it. My children have had it, I haven’t had it,” Adams says.

Even though the coronavirus has been all around him he doesn’t think anyone should be required to be vaccinated.

“Should be strictly a personal choice of whether you want to go or or not. Same thing with the flu vaccine, they don’t mandate we take the flu vaccine yet thousands of Americans die every year so it should be a choice,” he says.

HB 49, proposed by Rep. Danny McCormick (R - Oil City), is a bill before the House Health and Welfare Committee that would keep being vaccinated for the coronavirus a personal choice.

If the vaccine is proven to be more dangerous than COVID-19, the bill prohibits any school, college, or employer from requiring you to get it. The bill also provides a path for you to opt-out if you have a letter from your doctor citing medical objections, or if you have a religious or philosophical objection.

Parents can also opt their children out of being required to get the vaccine through a written objection to a school.

If you choose to opt-out, the bill prohibits any schools or employers from coercing you to get it or discriminating against you for not being vaccinated.

The bill was scheduled to be heard in the early afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 6. The House adjourned for the day and the Health and Welfare Committee is expected to reconvene Tuesday evening to debate this measure.

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