LSU officials identify dormitory on campus as high risk area for coronavirus; students mandated to take test

LSU officials identify dormitory on campus as high risk area for coronavirus

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - LSU officials are ramping up efforts to help stop the coronavirus from spreading on campus.

“I think it’s necessary because if it’s not tracked then we can’t really regulate things or know if they’re getting better,” said one LSU student.

LSU researchers have started testing wastewater from dorms to measure the amount of COVID-19 flowing through campus and identify potential hot spots.

On Sunday, Sept. 27 students received an email letting them know a dorm had been identified as an area of high coronavirus risk. School officials would not tell us which dorm; however, they did tell us all students living in that specific dorm will have to be tested for the virus within 48-hours.

“I feel like it’s definitely necessary and I hear they are not doing the nose test which is kind of painful for some people; so, doing the spit test, I feel like that’s definitely better and more agreeable that everybody should do it,” one LSU student said.

School officials say the test is mandatory. Students who fail to take a test will be in violation of the code of student conduct, which could affect their ability to stay on campus and participate in in-person activities. So far, only one dormitory on campus has been identified as a high-risk area.

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