YOUR MONEY: Learn new career skillset for free through LinkedIn, Microsoft

YOUR MONEY: Learn new career skillset for free through LinkedIn, Microsoft

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - If you’re unemployed right now this is a good time to learn some new skills that could lead you to a job with higher pay.

During a time where nearly 10 percent of Americans are unemployed job seeking experts say this is a good opportunity to take free online classes to learn new skillsets.

“I think we’re all seeing this shift to virtual is largely going to be here to stay in a lot of ways and it’s transforming so many industries so we’re really here to support that journey being a virtual one to create community on LinkedIn," said Jolie Miller, the Head of Business Content Strategy for LinkedIn Learning.

Miller explained how skills fall into two buckets. First, soft skills - things you learn with an experience like communication, leadership, problem-solving, and strategic thinking. Second, hard skills.

“We also see some hard skills popping so a couple of those are data science, data storage, tech support and these are great skills to get your feet wet in the tech industry," she said. "In fact from July to August this year, we saw a 7.5 percent jump in tech hiring. So it’s a great time to go get that tech money if that’s of interest to you. That’s during a time where a lot of other industries stayed negative. So great to invest again in those hard skills.”

That’s why LinkedIn and Microsoft have teamed up to offer this free online resource. It’s a one-stop-shop for job seekers eager to gain those hard skills.

“We recently partnered with Microsoft to launch a website called and at this website, we’ve curated 10 in-demand jobs. They pay a livable wage and you can learn online how to prepare for those careers," she said. "Anything from graphic design, software engineering, customer service and these are all free to anyone to access. So you can go check out that site and you can really explore some of those careers where there is great job potential and get started really quickly.”

Not only can you take free courses to get a job in the most in-demand industries but from the comfort of your own home, you can learn how to become a software developer, IT administrator, or graphic designer.

You can even see all of the available jobs in those industries in your city.

“We do have salary data insights though on LinkedIn that are available for posted jobs so you can check out what job you might be looking at might pay based on similar data that we have available and that will help you approximate what you might expect for a job in that particular region that you’re looking in,” Miller said.

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