FAQ: What bars are allowed to open?

FAQ: What bars are allowed to open?
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The following information is provided by Official of Alcohol and Tobacco Control. This listing of parishes allowed to reopen will be updated when changes are announced.

Under Phase 3, only parishes that have had 5% or less positivity rate for COVID-19 infections for at least two consecutive weeks prior to Sept. 11 may opt-in to have bars reopen. Those allowed to reopen must follow specific guidelines. For more information, call 225-925-4041.

For specific guidelines and resources, CLICK HERE.

Under Phase 3, bars (Class AG), restaurants (Class AR), restaurant conditional (CR), and any other on premises consumption establishment may reopen but are subject to the parameters detailed below:

  • Bars may reopen and offer table-side service only. Standing and bar service will be prohibited.
  • Indoor capacity shall be limited to a 25% occupancy rate or 50 people, whichever is less
  • Outdoor capacity shall be limited to 50 people and only for table-side service
  • Tables shall be spaced in accordance with LAOSFM social distancing guidelines
  • Bars and other Class AG permit holders including daiquiri shops must cease all sale and service of alcoholic beverages and close no later than 11 p.m.
  • No person under the age of 21 shall be allowed on to the premises
  • Live music is prohibited

The following parishes have opted in to allow bars to reopen under Phase 3 guidelines:

  • St. Landry - effective Sept. 16
  • Acadia - effective Sept. 16
  • Plaquemines - effective Sept. 17
  • Jefferson Davis - effective Sept. 17
  • St. Charles - effective Sept. 18
  • St John the Baptist – effective Sept. 21
  • Rapides – effective Sept. 23
  • Jefferson – effective Sept. 23
  • Lafayette – effective Sept. 23
  • St. Mary – effective Sept. 23
  • Iberville – effective Sept. 25
  • West Baton Rouge – effective Sept. 30
  • East Baton Rouge – effective Sept. 30
  • Iberia – effective Sept. 30
  • St. Martin – effective Sept. 30
  • Point Coupee – effective Sept. 30
  • St. Bernard – effective Sept. 30
  • Evangeline – effective Oct. 1
  • Madison – effective Oct. 2
  • Catahoula – effective Oct. 2
  • Grant – effective Oct. 7
  • St. Tammany – effective Oct. 7
  • Vernon – effective Oct. 7
  • Terrebonne – effective Oct. 7
  • St. James – effective Oct. 7
  • Assumption – effective Oct. 8
  • Vermillion – effective Oct. 8
  • Avoyelles – effective Oct. 9
  • West Feliciana – effective Oct. 9
  • Concordia – effective Oct. 9
  • Lafourche – effective Oct. 14
  • Ascension – effective Oct. 14

Click here for the ongoing list from ATC.

Breweries with Taproom/Tasting Rooms

Breweries are permitted to open during Phase 3 but are subject to the same provisions listed above as applied to bars.

Daiquiri Shops

Daiquiri Shop holding a Class AG permit are subject to the same provision listed above for bars. Daiquiri shops must cease all sale and service of alcoholic beverages, including service of alcohol through drive thru or curbside services at 11 P.M.

Restaurants & Restaurant Conditional permits

Under Phase 3, all restaurant (Class AR) may increase indoor table service to seventy-five percent (75%) occupancy. Live entertainment remains prohibited. All alcohol beverage outlets including restaurants and conditional restaurant permit holders are required to cease all alcohol service after 11 P.M. Establishments must continue to practice social distancing, mandatory mask, and sanitization protocols as provided by the SFM and LDH.

Businesses that have been previously issued a “Restaurant Conditional” permit by ATC are permitted to operate under the guidelines issued to restaurants as listed above. Existing restaurant conditional permit holders may opt to surrender their conditional restaurant permit to the ATC at any time. If said permit is surrendered, business may only operate within the parameters listed for bars and may not reapply for a conditional restaurant permit should condition changes. Other eligible establishments may apply for a Restaurant Conditional permit by submitting an application directly to ATC, and applications are available online at https://atc.louisiana.gov/arc.php. All Applicants for and those currently operating under the Restaurant Conditional permit are reminded that smoking is prohibited in restaurant establishments and are required to stop all alcohol sales at 11 P.M.

Other Restrictions: Event Halls, Crowd Limitations

Under Phase 3, Event or Reception Hall may reopen but limited to a fifty percent (50%) occupancy limit or a maximum of 250 people, whichever is less. Crowd size will also be limited to fifty percent (50%) or no more than 250 people both indoor and outdoor where social distancing is not possible. All event venue shall be required to adhere to mask mandate, social distancing requirements, and sanitization protocols as issued by the SFM and LDH. Alcohol service shall be limited to no later than 11 P.M.

Drive Thru and Curbside Services

During Phase 3, restaurants, restaurant conditionals and bar may continue to offer curbside or to go services of food and sealed containers of beer, wine, and frozen specialty drinks. Accordingly, ATC encourages curbside services whereby orders are placed ahead of time and delivered to patrons' vehicles. Businesses are reminded that curbside services must be conducted in compliance with both state and local laws with respect to open containers. Businesses may only offer beer, wine, and frozen specialty drinks in sealed or factory-sealed containers through curbside or drive thru services. The sale of single serving or mixed alcoholic drinks are prohibited unless otherwise allowed under local ordinances.

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