New Orleans orders Tracey’s to shut down amid overcrowding, owners ‘caught off guard’ by reaction

Tracey's shutdown amid pandemic violations

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -The City of New Orleans has ordered Tracey’s Original Irish Bar to cease operations immediately.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell took to social media Wednesday to say the bar cannot reopen until a plan is in place to address overcrowding.

This comes after Tracy’s tweeted a video of a large crowd gathered to watch Monday night’s Saints game.

“Tracey’s Original Irish Bar has been ordered to immediately cease operating, until such time as the owner provides an operational and management plan to the City which must include a viable solution to properly handle overcrowding. They may not resume operations until the plan is reviewed and approved by the Director of the Department of Safety and Permits in writing,” Cantrell tweeted Wednesday.

Tracey’s released a statement saying they were “completely caught off-guard” by the reaction of the mayor’s office.

“We strictly enforced physical distancing, operated at less than 50% of our capacity, ensured customer’s temperatures were taken, and mandated the wearing of masks when our guests were going to and leaving from their tables,” the owners of Tracey’s said.

They said no one stood at their bar and the staff did not serve anyone who was not seated at a table.

Our interior and exterior cameras show that we were in full, constant compliance with all guidelines of Phase II. We are entitled to due process and were not contacted by the Mayor’s Office to address any concerns they had," the owners argued.

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