EYE ON THE TIGERS: LSU is missing pieces but still has talent

LSU started practicing for fall camp on Monday, August 17.
LSU started practicing for fall camp on Monday, August 17.(Gus Stark | Gus Stark)
Updated: Sep. 23, 2020 at 7:00 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - With kickoff to the LSU football season just days away, our expert analysts explained what they really like about this team going into the contest against Mississippi State.

Former LSU quarterback Rohan Davey said he has seen talent on this Tiger squad.

Is that the number one thing you like about this team?

“Well, that is the number one thing I like about them right now and the other thing is the fact that the offensive line, at least the starters, are really good players," said Davey. "So yeah, definitely, the plethora of talent that I see running around out there, Steve, but I like the offensive line and I love the talent. Love the talent.”

“I just like the fact that they got Bo Pelini out there,” added former LSU defensive lineman Karl Wilson. "He’s going to be great for the defense. I always felt like this year is going to be the defense’s year, unlike last year when it was the offense’s year.”

“It needs to be,” Davey noted.

“Oh, yeah! They’ve got a lot of talent on defense and I’m looking forward to seeing Jabril Cox,” said Wilson.


“It’s going to look different (laughs), clearly. To go from a Heisman Trophy winner to a guy who hasn’t played any meaningful snaps, but has some talent, but I think as long as Myles [Brennan] does not try to be Joe [Burrow], right? As long as Myles is Myles and Myles understands that the cupboard’s not bare, there’s a whole lot of talent still there, even with [Ja’Marr] Chase leaving, opting out. That offense is loaded if these guys, you know offenses take a little longer, Karl, than defense does, to come along. So, it’s more imperative for him - and I know he’s been in the playbook, I know he’s been getting drilled, I know he’s been competing and getting ready - but it’s just more important for him, when he comes, to just relax himself and just distribute the football. Got to be Isiah Thomas, got to be a Magic Johnson with the guys that are around. Just get it in their hands and let those guys make plays,” Davey explained.

“[JaCoby] Stevens, he’s taken on that role for defense. And I think he’s taken on the role as far as the team is concerned also. So, he and Myles are doing a great job. He seems like he is the spokesman right now for the team and I think they’re going to get behind him because Stevens is a player. He’s really good,” Wilson pointed out.

We’re not sugarcoating things. There are some questions. What is the number one question going into this season?

“For me, it’s the offensive line. Ro kind of mentioned that. They need depth and also they do have a little experience but I just think the offensive line just really needs to come together. It’s going to take a few games, so that’s why I say the defense is really going to have to hold up their end of the bargain and I think they’re really capable of doing that,” Wilson replied.

“Especially when they don’t have these ‘rent-a-wins’ coming in early now. You go into SEC play immediately, so he has to understand, ‘I’ve got to start fast.’ And the coaches have to understand that whatever his favorite plays are or whatever, they have to start fast, man. And they have to ... the defense is going to, in my opinion, is going to have to play lights out early,” Davey added.

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