Water covering roads in portions of St. Bernard Parish

St. Bernard Parish still preparing for Sally

ST BERNARD PARISH, La. (WVUE) -Some lower lying areas of St. Bernard Parish are seeing water on the roadways Tuesday.

The floodgate on Hwy 46 remains closed.

Parish President Guy McInnis appeared on FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to give an update on how the parish is preparing for storm surge.

The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority made that call Monday when there was the potential for at least 11 feet of storm surge caused by Hurricane Sally, and while the track is a lot more promising, officials are still being cautious.

There’s a voluntary evacuation in place at this time for those beyond the floodgate, meaning areas like Shell Beach and Hopedale.

Residents full and part time who live beyond the floodgate will be hoping to come away from Sally mostly unscathed, but with her moving at a crawl, there’s still some uncertainty about what the full impacts will be.

Parish President Guy McInnis said Tuesday morning that even while they did wake up to much better news, there are no plans to lift the voluntary evacuation order or open the floodgate until it’s certain they’re safe.

“We’ve been through this with Katrina 15 years ago, and when that storm sits there and it’s slow moving, it just continues to bring water into our lower lying community. Right now we’re getting that northeast wind,...we’re still gonna feel the effects all throughout today.”

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