People outside the flood protection system in St. Bernard say it’s been an exhausting hurricane season

Updated: Sep. 15, 2020 at 9:21 PM CDT
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ST. BERNARD PARISH, La. (WVUE) - It just takes a toll on you. I’m drained," says Robert Campo.

For a third time this hurricane season, people have had to evacuate from the lower end of St. Bernard Parish.

“I’m tell you, I just literally put stuff back on Wednesday and then I had to take it down Friday and start pulling stuff out. That was from Laura, so you just get lost for words,” says Campo.

For business owners, like Robert Campo of Campo’s Marina, it’s a haul to protect his property and livelihood.

“Ya know, you’ve got camps to unload. You’ve got all this stuff from bait tanks and boats,” says Campo.

“At least two or three days for everybody to get their stuff out. They have to load up, get out of there and you’re making two or three loads,” says Fred Everhardt.

The evidence of the hardship is the line of trailers, RV’s and boats along Highway 46, inside the hurricane protection system.

The fishermen are out of work too, for a third time this season. Their boats remain parked in canals behind locks for days or even weeks.

“When the water recedes, we want to get out there to go shrimp because that’s our money right there. That’s our season, but we’re stuck in the locks. Mentally, it takes a toll on a commercial fishermen,” says Everhardt.

Councilman Fred Everhardt says in turn, the entire economy for St. Bernard suffers from a storm event.

“We strive on our fishing industry. That brings a lot of money into our sales tax and general fund revenue,” says Everhardt.

“It’s not just the commercial side, it’s the recreational side too. The biggest tax base of this parish comes from below this wall,” says Campo.

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