People of French Settlement use sandbags leftover from Laura to prep for Sally

Residents of French Settlement thankful for Sally's easterly track but use sandbags leftover from Laura just in case

FRENCH SETTLEMENT, La. (WAFB) - When a storm starts churning out in the Gulf and the winds start blowing in, it’s the cue for people to start picking up and moving to higher ground.

The mayor of French Settlement got everyone together Sunday, Sept. 13 to make sure they were ready for any storm surge that comes from Hurricane Sally.

“We still had sand and sandbags left from Laura and so a lot of, the majority of people here had sandbags hot and ready. But like I said, they were prepared for Laura, so they were still in this mode,” said Mayor Rhonda Lobell.

The good news is it looks like things will stay relatively dry for the people of French Settlement, and any water that does creep up is nothing these people say they can’t handle.

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