Locals prepare for Sally by filling sandbags

Sandbag locations ahead of Sally

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Families are preparing for the worst as another potential hurricane, just weeks after Laura, heads toward Louisiana.

“I grew up in California, so the whole flooding kind of scares me,” said Titus Jamison.

Titus Jamison and Rose Skillman are filling up sandbags for their home in Denham Springs.

“We are just preparing for the worst mainly because it’s better to be safe than sorry," Skillman said. "So, even if we end up looking like fools getting this many sandbags, it’s better than flooding.”

Today, Governor John Bel Edwards encouraged all families, especially in southeast Louisiana, to take precautions, as Sally is expected to make landfall as early as Monday night, possibly as a category 2 storm.

“We only have to go back a couple of weeks to a storm that moved from a TS force to a strong category 4 in 36 hours.”

State emergency leaders also say folks should be prepared for flooding.

“Next threat, as if winds, surge isn’t enough, the heavy rain and flooding with this. It will not be unheard of we look back at this event, some places measuring rainfall 25-30 inches.”

“We were out of town for the last one. We got lucky. But it makes me wonder what’s going to keep happening, to be honest with you.”

Emergency leaders are reminding families to keep storm supplies nearby in case of wide spread power outages. This includes batteries, flashlights, a radio and a first aid kit. You can visit agameplan.org for more on how to keep your family safe.

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