ACTION JACKSON: Landlord, tenant going back and forth over $700 water bill

ACTION JACKSON: Landlord, tenant go back and forth over $700 water bill

ZACHARY, La. (WAFB) - Imagine getting a nearly $700 water bill in the mail... That was the case for one woman in Zachary.

She says she’s been going back and forth with her landlord and the water company but has not been able to get an answer about her startlingly high bill.

“I called the landlord and said hey the bill is outrageous can you do something to help us. this has been since August 10th,” said Yolanda Williams.

Her August bill was nearly $400, which she says she paid it. Now, her September bill is almost $700 dollars.

“I’ve spoken to the landlord, I’ve spoken to Mr. Montgomery and the city of Zachary, and I even talked to the ladies at the water company, but no issues have been resolved”

With just one week left to pay, Williams says she is nervous her water will be turned off, and her family would have to go without.

“Nobody should have to worry about the bills coming up. I’m doing that. I’m worried,” said Yolanda Williams.

A representative with the Zachary Water Company says they previously sent out a crew who confirmed there is a leak. However, they said it is the landlord’s responsibility to get it fixed since it’s not on city property.

The owner of Zachary Mobile Homes says they were aware of the leak but thought the issue had been resolved. They have now promised to reimburse Williams for a portion of the previous and current bill based on average water use.

Williams reached out to WAFB’s Action Jackson, who was able to get her some help.

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