Debris lines streets of Holly Beach as one couple decides to rebuild again

Debris lines streets of Holly Beach as one couple decides to rebuild again
Holly Beach (Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - For several people we’ve spoken with in Cameron Parish, it’s three storms and they’re out. After Hurricanes Rita, Ike, and now Laura some are packing up and moving north. Others, like those who call Holly Beach home, have no plans to leave.

“He’s still crabbing. 76-years-old and still crabbing,” said Loretta Meaux about her husband Sonny. “That’s the life he knows and the life he wants. Like I said, we can’t go anywhere else. We don’t have anywhere else.”

Owners of Meaux’s Seafood, for Loretta and Sonny their business just a block from the shore in everything.

Sadly, the Holly Beach community knows too well the devastation of storms. This time we’re told no houses toppled in the winds but most, if not all, have damage.

Most sites set up for campers and RVs now line the streets as piles of debris.

“You don’t think it’s gonna happen once, (especially not) three times,” Loretta said. “That’s what’s unbearable, unspeakable, unthinkable. But we are in the open water, you know, there it is.”

Like many, the Meauxs lost everything in Rita to turn around and tell the same story after Hurricane Ike and again after some major flooding. Even after Hurricane Laura sent their trailer and crab cooler across the highway and in the marsh, they still have no plans to leave Cameron Parish.

“What do you do, I mean, it’s life,” she said. “It’s life living here on the coast, living off the land, and living where you only have property.”

They know some may call them crazy but it’s something they say they have to do.

“It takes a big heart to come back... a big heart. Hard on the pocketbook, hard on the soul. It’s just hard but we’ll have crabs for sale next week,” Loretta said with a smile.

After three named storms and flooding destroyed their home, the Meauxs once again plan to rebuild. They are searching for a new walk-in cooler and say they’ll be back in business.

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