Louisiana Guard units hurt in Katrina help out in Lake Charles

Louisiana Guard units hurt in Katrina help out in Lake Charles
new orleans troops help Laura victims (Source: rob masson)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Troops from New Orleans are helping fuel the Lake Charles recovery effort in a big way. Hundreds of them are passing out badly needed tarps, water and food to residents in need as they rebuild from Hurricane Laura.

They are necessities most of us take for granted.

Tarps to secure the roof over our heads, water, and food.

“I don’t see how anybody can get through this without the assistance we’re getting now,” said a Lake Charles resident named Greg, who says he just broke a foot.

Nearly 400 National Guard soldiers with the 141st FA battalion from New Orleans have worked nonstop to fulfill the need for necessities in Lake Charles.

“The guard is Louisiana we are a resilient people being from New Orleans we have a lot of experience with that during Katrina many came to New Orleans to help but now we’re here for them,” said Maj. Mark Castillon.

These soldiers based out of New Orleans appreciate being able to help fellow Louisiana citizens. Many will be deployed in the next six months.

For those who can’t put up a tarp, the Army Corps of Engineers set up a signup tent for those who would like a tarp installed.

Some got emotional over the show of support in the face of monumental loss.

“It’s unbelievable you have your political opinions but these are soldiers there on the ground they’re deployed sorry,” Greg said.

And The 141st out of New Orleans says it will keep boots on Lake Charles ground for as long as it takes.

There are more than 6000 guard soldiers throughout Western Louisiana assisting in the recovery effort.

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