Senator Cassidy discusses Hurricane Laura recovery after damage tour

Lake Charles residents recover post-Laura

LAKE CHARLES, La. (WVUE) - Lake Charles residents damaged by Hurricane Laura say the lights can’t come back on fast enough. They need the power to rebuild homes devastated by the category 4 storm as help pours in from across North America

Without the power to run stoves in storm damage homes, long lines greeted Lake Charles residents looking for a hot meal.

Among those helping fuel the recovery, serving 13 hours a day, Mike Buoso.

“I’m a victim from Plaquemines I know what it’s like to lose your community and home,” Buoso said, as he served up bowl after bowl of pastalaya.

Nearby some homes In southeast Lake Charles are completely destroyed, while most suffered roof damage.

Blue tarps are in high demand as are roofers.

“We have so much damage between Lafayette and here it’s hard to keep up,” said roofer Andrew Stoute.

The need is great here and demand for materials is high and help can’t come soon enough.

“There’s a problem getting shingles out this far since everyone needs them,” Stoute said.

Senator Bill Cassidy talked about the federal response after touring Lake Charles.

“In something this magnitude there’s always something more that can be done,” said Cassidy, who just got out of COVID quarantine.

Power crews from as far away as Ontario, Canada are here to help Lake Charles get back on the power grid.

“I am missing my daughter’s wedding to be here,” said Canadian Harry Castle.

He says he’s never seen damage like Lake Charles before and he’s happy to help. Though he will have to watch his daughter’s wedding Saturday online.

Senator Cassidy says FEMA had early problems determining eligibility for assistance, but he says they’ve worked it out.

If anyone needs help he asks they call FEMA at 1-800-621-3362 or his Baton Rouge office at 225-929-7711.

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