Saints defense continues to build winning culture

2018 season (Source: WVUE | Mark Lagrange)
2018 season (Source: WVUE | Mark Lagrange)(Mark Lagrange)
Updated: Aug. 27, 2020 at 9:58 AM CDT
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With Dennis Allen at defensive coordinator full time since 2016, he’s been the longest tenured at the job during the Sean Payton era in New Orleans. With that has come a consistency in the vision for the defense. Safety Malcolm Jenkins, who had Allen as a secondary coach during Jenkins’ first stint with the Saints, says the standards are the same now as they were when the team won Super Bowl XLIV.

“He’s very entrenched in kind of that early culture building,” says Jenkins. “So it’s actually surprising to come back and see a lot of the same things being talked about, a lot of the same situations, the expectations, the way they go about practicing, all of these things lead to lead to winning, and that culture has been in place for a while and it’s no surprise why this has been the winningest team in the last few years.”

What Allen and the Saints’ culture continues to breed is players that have high standards. Guys like Marshon Lattimore and Janoris Jenkins at defensive back give the Saints their best combo of cover corners yet. And around them are defenders that can wear many hats, giving Allen’s defense its ultimate flexibility.

“Even moreso this year, just having guys that have the versatility to play multiple spots, certainly when you look at some of the matchups in our league and what Tampa’s done offensively down there in terms of the players that they’ve acquired, you can’t get enough good cover guys,” says Allen. “Just having that versatility and being able to do multiple things is going to give us a little bit of an advantage in terms of how we can play.”

All of this goes a long way in terms of building confidence as well. And that confidence has been on full display at every practice where the defense continues make life tough for the Saints’ offense.

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